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About Us

In 1988, committed and determined young māmā, Taua, and volunteers came together to support the needs of whānau in the Bluff community who were impacted by the closure of Ocean Beach and the effect of the Bonamia virus on the Foveaux Strait Oyster Industry. This response of manaaki was to ensure whānau and community were supported to navigate the challenges they faced at the time. Their collaboration led to the establishment of Awarua Home Builders, initially based at Te Rau Aroha Marae, which later evolved into Awarua Health and Social Services and eventually Awarua Whānau Services. 


Today, the vision and dedication of the young māmā, taua and volunteers—several of whom were part of the Awarua Māori Women's Welfare League— are recognised in the establishment Awarua Whānau Services which moved to Invercargill after securing health contracts. We continue to provide services in Bluff, Invercargill, Central Otago, and surrounding areas which is attributed to its growth in service delivery. We acknowledge the aroha, manaaki, foresight and commitment of all who have been part of the Awarua Whānau Services since its beginning.


Our mission: Hapai ake te Whānau ki nga taumata oranga - Working with Whānau to achieve a positive and healthy change.


​​If you have queries or would like further information about our services, please check our website or contact us on 03-218 6668 and or email

Awarua Whānau Services is a Health and Social Services subsidiary of Te Rūnaka o Awarua, which is one of the 18 Papatipu marae that make up Te Rūnaka o Ngai Tahu (TRONT).

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