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Invercargill Nurse-led clinics

Awarua Whānau Services hold nurse-led clinics every Wednesday night from 2pm - 7pm to provide health support in the Murihiku community. One of the benefits is being able to provide patients with access to healthcare services that they might not otherwise receive.

Our nurses are healthcare professionals who have advanced education and deliver a range of health services. Our nurses work with other healthcare professionals to ensure whānau receive the best care for their individual needs.

Clinics are FREE and do not require an appointment which can be big barrier for a lot of our whānau. Nurse-led clinics deliver a range of services including;

  • Performing physical exams

  • Providing patient education

  • Treating minor injuries

  • Offer health promotion and disease prevention

  • Co-ordinate care with other professionals

  • Blood pressure and blood sugar checks

  • Assist whānau to meet their health needs

Clinics are also held at Hokonui Rūnanga, Mataura and Central Otago. For more information on these check out our clinics page.

Invercargill clinics are held at Awarua Whānau Services, 190 Forth Street

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